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Frequently asked questions
Is it a one-off payment ?

Yes, after you'll purchase the template, you'll get a lifetime access to the duplicable dashboard and you'll get free updates when we launch new features 💪.

Is the template easy to setup ?

With this template, you won't have to create all the databases, and to set up your Scrum dashboards, we have all of them covered. Just relax and enjoy launching products with our complete solution.

Why this template is better than other tools ?

This template is designed to be personalizable. The problem we had with Jira and Trello is the lack of control you have over the software. With this template, you can make every change you want for a one-off payment 🔧.

What will I get ?

You'll get a url to a Notion page you will be able to duplicate in your Notion workspace. You can also invite team members on your workspace but the template is only duplicable for one workspace only.