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Notion Scrum - An easy-to-use Scrum board that replaces Jira on Notion | Product Hunt

Start your next sprint in 5 minutes

Ready-to-use Scrum Board directly in Notion. Replace Jira and start your next sprint within 5 minutes.
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New Release 3.0
Check out our new release 3.0 ! We've used all the new features in Notion : the native sprint database, the buttons and automations. We also added two new features : a release board to link your user stories to app releases and a github integration.

Native Sprint in Notion

The creation, closing and management of sprint is now much more fluid and easy.

GitHub Integration

Link your user stories to you merge request so you can track in-real-time advencement on your tasks !

Release Board

Link your user stories to your releases so you can track which features is live and when.
For Agile Teams

Increase collaboration with a visual board

Our dashboard helps your Scrum team monitor progress during each Sprint in a clear and visual way.
Sprint statistics
In a short glance, visualize your Sprint Goal, track Sprint progress, and check velocity.
User Story Template
Easily create user story with a template included.
For Product Owners

Manage your backlog

Designed by product owners for product owners. It contains all the information and filters you need to easily maintain, clean, and fill your backlog.
Plan your delivery
Set your EPICS
Quickly write a Story
For Scrum masters

Make your ceremony more productive

We build these 3 custom scrum ceremonies templates in order to run effective meetings.
Sprint Planning
Plan your sprint and estimate with a Scrum poker game.
Sprint Review
Review all your user stories from the last sprint.
Sprint Retrospective
Make an interactive retrospective of your last sprint.
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All the Features you need

To completely implement your Scrum projects in Notion.
Made by two product owners and their tech teams.

Sprint velocity

Automatically calculate sprint velocity for current and previous sprints.

EPIC Progression

Automatically calculate EPIC progression from user stories.


Visualize your Epics and Sprints with a timeline view.

Technical tasks

Write all tasks needed to complete the user stories and track their progression

Poker Planning

Estimate user stories directly in Notion.

Quick Actions

All the key actions you need in quick Notion Buttons !

Revision actions

Monitor improvement actions created from retrospectives.

Interactive retrospective

Animate the retrospective with private brainstorming and interactive voting session.
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Why should you get this template ?

The most complete
Notion Scrum Template for Agile teams

A perfect alternative for Jira on Notion

You'll find all the features you left on Jira and even more. Connect and integrate all your favorite tools in one place: Notion.

Retrospective, Sprint planning and sprint review on Notion

Manage all your sprint ceremonies on Notion. You'll find a complete set of templates to get started with.

Scrum Guide compliant dashboard on Notion

This template was made by following the Scrum Guide 2020 version carefully. We've also put a Notion version of the Guide for you to read in the template.

For agile teams, product owners and scrum masters

Every agile role has its own dashboard to easily manage every day tasks. Gather everybody in front of the main dashboard view for an easy and productive meeting.

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Reviews from our clients

Reviews from our actual clients received on our feedback form with Tally.
This model was extremely useful, and met my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to other people.
Fantastic template. Really clean and easy to use. So far, I'm enjoying it and seeing results.
It is a great template to manage all of your agile teams and projects!
So far so good! This template is a good plug and play solution for product development teams. I believe it'll turn awesome.
It saved me around a week or more of intensive work. I'll adapt it to my scrum framework and start working with it with no delays. The tutorials are excellent and show you how everything works.
Nice and good working template.
Frequently asked questions
Is it a one-off payment ?

Yes, after you'll purchase the template, you'll get a lifetime access to the duplicable dashboard and you'll get free updates when we launch new features 💪.

Is the template easy to setup ?

With this template, you won't have to create all the databases, and to set up your Scrum dashboards, we have all of them covered. Just relax and enjoy launching products with our complete solution.

Why this template is better than other tools ?

This template is designed to be personalizable. The problem we had with Jira and Trello is the lack of control you have over the software. With this template, you can make every change you want for a one-off payment 🔧.

What will I get ?

You'll get a url to a Notion page you will be able to duplicate in your Notion workspace. You can also invite team members on your workspace but the template is only duplicable for one workspace only.