October 28, 2022

Release 2.0

A new visual board, better connections between databases, automated velocity and much more.

A new Notion Scrum Dashboard to replace Jira

After one year of refinement thanks to user feedbacks, we finally launched a second version of our template.

We wanted our second version to be even more easy-to-use and visual.

What are the main improvements in this new version ?

A more visual dashboard

Instead of having to go in different pages to see diferent views, we've made a more visual main dashboard view.

You can see very quickly

  • your sprint in progress ;
  • a quick help for daily scrum since the ceremony will be with this dashboard ;
  • all your user stories progression

It also contains a quick acces to

  • the backlog ;
  • the roadmap ;
  • the sprint reports ;
  • all the rituals (planning, review and retro).

Enhance Notion full power

Since Notion launched a lot of new features this year, we've tried to make the best use possible out of them.

  • Status type column ;
  • Better filters and sorting ;
  • New views for databases ;
  • Modifiable properties on cards.

Better helpdesk

Since Scrum can be a little difficult to understand, we've made a better helpdesk. You'll find all the answers you need in order to succeed.

  • How to create a sprint ;
  • How to manage sprints ;
  • How to create your backlog ;
  • How to manage your backlog ;
  • How to close a sprint and start a new one.

We've even added a complete Scrum help ressource right on Notion.